The Real Puppet and Puppet Master

My name is Daniel. I was an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea, and am now a writer who has
published three books including South Korea: Our Story by Daniel Nardini.
                     I have been reading in a number of Korean newspapers about how current South 
Korean President Moon Jae-in had “masterfully” negotiated with the Chinese and the Russians about
trying to bring North Korea to the negotiation table for “talks” and a possible peace treaty. But I have
to ask myself who is the real puppet and who is the real puppet master? Did Moon play the brilliant
statesman of getting China and Russia on board to stop North Korea? Or, did the Chinese govern-
ment play South Korea for a sucker? Recently, the U.S. government has slapped sanctions on the
Bank of Dandong in China and a Chinese company called Dalian Global Unity for both products and
money transfers to North Korea and North Korean banks in China. Now how could these Chinese
institutions have done any “business” with North Korea without the Chinese government’s know-
ledge? It does not seem possible given the Chinese government’s propensity of trying to know
anything and everything through its vast spy/security apparatus and military intelligence network.
Some of that material transfer to North Korea included parts and information on missile technology 
as well as funding for North Korea’s weapons program. It seems that China, and yes even Russia, are
playing a double game—on the one hand coordinate a “united front” against North Korea and try
to bring peace to the Korean peninsula, but on the other hand supply North Korea with the material
and money they need to get around the sanctions having been put on that country by the United 
Nations, Japan and the United States. We have to remember that China exports to North Korea
accounts for 50 percent of North Korea’s imports, and that Russia is trying to more business with
North Korea because of the European Union’s sanctions against Russia. So I ask again who is
the real puppet and the puppet master?